Ake no Tobari Ch. 21

Nanaten here and Happy Ramadhan for muslims out there. Due to constant power breaking, my pc is now broken. Fortunately, I already uploaded next chapter on my google photos so all is good.

Recently,I read this Chinese web novel, I'm Really a Superstar. My brother recommended it to me. There's something about this novel feels satisfying.

Quick announcement from the author: he just announced that Ake no Tobari will go on hiatus due to health reason. He also said that he'll be back once he's healthy again. The translation still continues though.

Speaking of Ake no Tobari translations, I just found out that there's a Turkish scanlation in Batoto. I put my setting to show only English chapters, so I just found out about it. Right now, Ake no Tobari is available in original Japanese, English, Korean, Thai, Russian, and Turkish. It makes me happy to know that people enjoy this series.

So here's a baton touch chapter. From here on, Reimei's in charge. I'll see you next week.

Chapter 21.

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