Ake no Tobari Ch. 11

Nanaten here. Instead of bringing the hammer down on my students, I decided to go with Carrot and Stick approach. I remember it from "Dangerous Minds" (I should watch it again). And the eight graders seemed to like it. I hope It's go well with the seventh grader.

This week marks the start of April that means things:

  1. April fool's day
  2. New anime season
  3. One month of me being up here in this mountain
  4. Citrus Project's one year anniversary
Thankfully, no one celebrate April fool's day up here, so I'm safe from pranks. However, I'm feeling like pranking people. There are many ideas I want to pull on this blog like uploading doodles instead of actual chapter, giving mustache on every character, deleting all my posts and change it with my sexy pictures.  I want to go wild. However, I didn't make any preparation for any of that so you're safe... for this year.

For the past two weeks, many anime have aired their series finale. And to coping for that, I decided to read Baccano novels. Let's just say I now see Miria in a completely different light. If you read 1933 and 1934 again, you will notice that there's more of Miria than meets the eye. I just hope that Mist can finish Peter Pan in Chains so I can say I have read all the books (published ones).

Now I'm on my second month up here in this mountain. I've gotten used to living here and everyone has gotten used to me and my habits of being a shut-in. I just hope that for the next two months, nothing wrong will happen.

This month will mark one year of Citrus Project on April 14th. Again, I didn't make any preparation to celebrate it. So for now, I'll just prepare for a speech.

In this chapter, we finally know Boss' name. This chapter actually give me a different image of the yokai trio and the boss. Also Tsumugu x Reimei ship is sailing and I must say, I really like the chemistry between the two.

Speaking of character shipping, last month I was searching for Ake no Tobari fanfic. And I actually found them. It's on pixiv and safe for work (I think). That means they're in Japanese. One is Reimei x Tobari and the other is Tobari x Reime (yes, there's a difference). Which reminds me, does it count as furry?

Jokes aside (I wrote this on Friday), here's chapter 11. Next week is the aftermath and more human characters.