Shura no Mon Vol. 7 Ch. 26

Oh, you were waiting for Tsukumo? Too bad, here's more Chinmi! I'm just kidding.

My procrastination has reached unproductive level. I missed one assignment this week and yesterday I almost missed my translation class (I was two hours late because I got the schedule wrong). And I still haven't worked on my research paper.

Last time, I translated the wrong chapter. Hopefully, it won't happen again. I also noticed that in the localized version, they cut some pages out for unexplainable reason. You can go and check the difference if you have one right now. This really makes me wish that they just publish the aizoban edition along with Shura no Toki. Come on, Elex Media! Chinmi got one, Tsubasa got one, heck, even The Sleeping Tsukumo were published on its aizoban edition instead of tankobon!

So here's a Mutsu. Enjoy your chapter!

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