Shura no Toki Vol. 1 Ch. 2 Part 1

Sorry I was late, I was watching Gravity last night (the one starring Sandra Bullock). Sandra Bullock did nothing wrong.

Continuing from yesterday's 3x3 Eyes review, now let's take a look at our favorite Yakumo. I have to split this chapter to two parts because it's 160 pages long and, wow, did they dragged it long in the anime. Not that I have anything against anime fillers or anything. I'm just surprised they managed to dragged that palace scene, which was only eighteen pages long, into a full episode.

My sleep schedule is getting out of whack. I'm starting to rely on energy drinks. My hands is currently shaking as I'm typing this. I think I'm gonna crash soon. So tomorrow is going to be the last update (for the month).

Tomorrow's update: Shura no Toki Volume 8 or Fudekage?

Btw, just realized this, but the manga is a lot more violent than the anime....