Shura no Toki Vol. 7 Ch. 1

Sorry it took a while. My laptop's fan broke and I have to rely on regular fan.

I'm so excited with this arc. It is the second longest  arc in the series (first one being Oda Nobunaga's) and, as I said back in volume 4, the saddest arc. (Voting time: who is the most crybaby? Yoshitsune or Azuma). I have to warn you, if you're currently reading Shana Ou Yoshitsune, this arc will spoil everything from Yoshitsune's arrival in Oshu, to the final battle, even the ending of the series. I just read the end of Shana Ou Yoshitsune: Genpai War and i'll tell you both have similar endings.

I wrote this translation thinking what would the english dub sounds like, especially Funimation dub. I was thinking that maybe I can land a job as a scriptwriter for them althouh it might be counterproductive seing the QUALITY....

This chapter has a few separated spreadpages that I just can't figured out how to join. Especially that chapter cover page showcasing Benkei and Kiichi. All I could do is just give it a little cleaning. If Someone want to join them, go ahead! Also, somehow I keep mistaking the names in this arc (for example: Yoritomo for Yorimoto). So I apologize in advance!

Another note: in the song, Shizuka actually saying Soldier and The Strong but I changed it to Knights and Warrior.

Anyway about that new Shura no Toki arc in September. If I have the magazine raw, I will definetely translate that.

Next update: I'll probably going to do Fudekage first because I don't have SnT localized version on hand.