Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage Vol. 6 Ch. 18

And that's the end of Fudekage vs. Sanseta. Out of every opponent they've encountered so far, Sanseta is the most decent. I mean there's no hostility between both teams. I like that scene between Kensho and Hayato at the end.

As you have noticed, I put an update side bar on the right. You can use it to see updates and changes I've made on this blog. Speaking of changes, I've added Disqus comments. I've been trying to do this for months. Turns out all I have to do is to disable Google+ comments. Sorry if your comments got deleted. Be sure to comment if you like this chapter. I'm also open to suggestions and please notify me if you found a typo or grammar mistakes.

As for next update, I will be working on Shura no Toki volume 7 first and then back to Fudekage. But expect a slower release, because I'll be going back to my hometown for a while. Also both Shura no Toki and Fudekage has many redrawing works required. So yeah, it's going to take a while! Just stay tune for update and announcement later!

Now, back to Fudekage vs. Sanseta drinking game

Drink when:

  1. Someone put his thumb up
  2. Someone make a fist pose
  3. Shima do/say something stupid
Hard mode:
  1. Satsuka calls Kensho's name
  2. Kensho do something badass
  3. "Masatoshi Kawahara too lazy to draw both eyes" close-up shot
  4. You found a typo and grammar mistake
  5. I used too many "The" on a single page