Shura no Mon Iden: Fudekage Vol. 6 Ch. 16

After days of procrastination, I'm finally one third done with volume 6!!!
To make this game more fun, I made a drinking game out of this volume.
You drink when:

  1. Someone put his thumb up
  2. Someone make a fist pose
  3. Shima do/say something stupid
Hard mode:
  1. Satsuka calls Kensho's name
  2. Kensho do something badass
  3. "Masatoshi Kawahara too lazy to draw both eyes" close-up shot
  4. You found a typo and grammar mistake

Feel free to comment if you found typo or grammar mistake (I just read my translation of Shura no Toki volume 4 part 3 and damn....)