CnR-KM Vol. 4 Ch. 31

 Happy spooky month. My first class started this week. It was alright.

Been doing a lot of catching up to my manga backlog the past few days. And I also discovered a bunch of manga. I noticed that I am more inclined to read manga on my phone instead of my PC ever since I moved. And I haven't been doing a Just chatting stream recently, so I'll be doing one tonight.

Another news: Community movie is finally happening. As you know, I'm a huge Community fan. And fans have been waiting for the Community movie to happen for quite some time now. But because of the availability of the actors, they couldn't make it happen. The closest thing we got was the virtual table read with the cast minus Chevy Chase. So, yeah, I'm very excited. THE PROPHECY HAS BEEN FULFILLED!!!

About this chapter: this is actually one of my favorite chapters. I really like the dynamic between Na-ta and Sa-ta, and there hasn't been that many stories with this pairing (I'm speaking in sitcom terms). As the oldest siblings, they have the responsibility over the younger ones. But that would sometimes clashes with Sa-ta's adventurous trait. Earlier stories would pair Sa-ta with A-ta, but now that A-ta starts visiting underground library on regular basis, he has no one to bounce off to. Also, this chapter shows how Na-ta is starting to grow his own interest by picking up swords training.

So here's the new chapter. As usual, let me know if you find any errors or mistakes. Next week (hopefully) will be Tobari update.

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