Ashura Vol. 12 Ch. 45

Nanaten here trying to think of a way to promote this series without the risk of getting my twitter account suspended again. I was making my own anime 3x3, and one of the anime on the list was Shura no Toki. As I was about to post it on twitter, I realize that one slight of image could set off another DMCA on my account. It was frustrating because I really wanted to share my anime 3x3 and discuss it with someone. I'll probably do it for a just chat stream next week, so stay tuned.

This week's video: I played The Manga Works on android

I actually recorded this way back in April, but only get to edit it last week. This was recorded to test my mobile screen capture settings before I decided on doing the GYEE stream. I really don't know how to make good edit, like other vtubers. I kinda behind on all meme editing and such, so it came pretty dull. I took CallMeKevin video as inspiration and decided to go for that kind of style.

About this chapter: sigh... the amount of politically incorrect stuff said in this chapter. I've said it multiple times how I'm really uncomfortable of translating this whole arc. I wish I could just skip it and get to Dai ni Mon. Now I understand why The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles took so long to get released worldwide.

So here are the chapter. Let me know in the comments if you find any error or mistake. If you would like to support me, there's a link to my Ko-fi and Patreon page. Patrons who make more than $3 pledge get one week early access to my translations. I'm taking yet another break next week because I was so busy with work, I forgot to translate any chapter. Alright, see you guys later.

Tsukumo and his merry fights 45:
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