Ake no Tobari Ch. 247-249

Nanaten here getting prepared for my anime 3x3 stream. It only took me 10 years, but I think I started to get the feel of my core fanbase (if I have one to call it that). Well, there's only 30 minutes before the stream starts, so I'm just going to have to speedrun this post.

This week's video: a VTuber self-introduction video. I can't believe I hadn't done this yet, and for a good reason.

Recording this gave me a lot of retrospect on my Vtubing career (if I can even call it that). There's a question in the video like, "What kind of Vtuber are you?" and it sent me down to this existential crisis. Like, "WHAT'S MY GIMMICK?!!!" Because my character design was already basic and plain, I have no idea what separates me from the flock that makes me interesting.

Then I did a chill stream where I just sit down and talk about my favorite manga, and that's where it starting to click with me. I had a genuinely fun time talking about manga, and surprisingly my viewers were too. So I am trying to see if I can doing it again with this anime 3x3 stream, where I talk about my favorite anime. Maybe this is the beginning of my career as an anime Vtuber (kinda redundant but you get the point).

About these chapters: yeah, this is probably isn't my best work, I have to admit. There were moments where I just let DeepL and Google Translate take the wheel. 

So here are the chapters. As usual, let me know in the comments below what you thought about the chapters and if you find any error or mistake. Next week, I'll be doing a different manga because I haven't finished the script for Corseltel yet.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 247:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 248:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 249:
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