Ake no Tobari Ch. 234-235

 Nanaten here. I developed cold symptoms a few days ago, coughs and runny nose. I had myself tested and the result came back positive. So that's a full bed rest for me. Which sucks because I was supposed to go to a cosplay event today and I have to cancel. *cough cough* Anyway, if you want to support for my recovery, there's a link to my Ko-fi page and donation at the right panel.

That unapologetic bit aside, this week's video: this month's MMD music video.

I had people over at my Patreon page to decide my next MMD music video. It was a tie between Electronica in Velvet Room and A Way of Life. A Way of Live would've required a new outfit, so I'll probably make that for next month MMD video. Working on this makes me noticed some flaws in my own Vroid model. There were some collision issues, clipping, and even texturing if you freeze frame the video. Once I recover, I might start working on model V2.

About these chapter: I have nothing to say about these chapters. We might have passed the numbered Tengenro chapters, but let me tell you, there's still around thirty more chapters of this battle arc. While it is pretty interesting to get some deeper insights on the characters, I feel it get dragged for too long by chapter 250-something. Come to think of it, I said last month that I planned on releasing chapter 231-235 on January. With this, I practically finished my January list of chapters. All that's left is the remainder of CnR-KM volume 4 and CnRM video. Unfortunately, I can do neither until I recover.

Anyway, here are the chapters. I also put an extra chapter between chapter 234 and 235. Let me know if you find any error or mistakes in there somewhere in the comments. I'm taking a break to recover.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 234:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 234.5:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 235:
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