Shura no Mon Ch. 43 & Ake no Tobari Ch. 231-233


Nanaten here. The latest Nintendo Direct announced a new Fire Emblem Warriors game featuring Three Houses story and casts. Well, guess who am I cosplaying as next week?

Thank you so much for tuning in the Donathon stream. I had a blast playing Master Duel up to rank Gold 5 and collecting strawberries in Celeste. We also received $30 donations, all sent anonymously. So that means 3 Ake no Tobari chapters this week! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† We're also have two and a half Ake no Tobari chapters for patrons over at my Patreon page. So sign up for my Patreon now!!!

Here's the archive stream. There's a lot of funny moments there. Some of the people that I dueled with actually stopped by on the stream, which is the highlights for me. I've never been stream sniped before, so that was exciting.

Of course I put the money collected from the donation to a good use. The next day, I decided to upgrade my Vtube avatar to have 52 blendshape keys. I've always wanted to do this ever since the android face tracking app has become available. Having 52 blendshape keys really improves with my face tracking by a margin. It will allow me to go for a full body motion capture like when I do Just Dance streams or skits and such.

The moment before I upgraded my avatar, I used another model that has 52 blend shape keys as a test for my full body motion capture. I made a DIY face tracking helmet using a selfie stick and a bike helmet. The test video somehow went viral on the Vtuber community.

And for some reason, a lot of people asked me how to do it. So I made a short tutorial (sort of):

And if you noticed, in the short I was wearing a new T-shirt.

I made a new T-shirt texture for my vroid model as part of a shameless plug to my IRL clothing line. Similar to my Upside Down T-shirt, this one is from is a clothing line that combines premium quality T-shirts and tech design. This particular T-shirt is a combination of modern T-shirt with traditional Buginese fabric. 

So go check out ClickBait Clothing's facebook page here.

Anyway, enough of my shameless plugs, time for random stuff. This week, my brother got me into learning Unreal Engine. I must say, it is much more fun building stuff there compared to Unity. I'm learning through this Unreal Sensei 5 hour beginner tutorial video. I'm still at the part about Lumen and lighting baking because my brother's computer had a problem with building lighting so he had to reset the whole computer.

The script for the Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Monogatari video is finished. I'm just waiting for the new VIRTU app to be released so I can start record with decent hand tracking. The devs said the PC version is coming out this week, so I might make another video on that.

I think that's enough talking for today. Here are the chapters. Next week, as I said, will be another Ake no Tobari.

Shura no Mon Chapter 43:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 231:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 232:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 233:
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