Ake no Tobari Ch. 229-230

Nanaten here. I'm currently building my deck to play on Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel. My brother got me into playing it. It's a good game I can pick-up to scratch that TCG itch. We played a little bit and my brother decimated me.

This week's videos: new Lunar New Year short

And to celebrate, I decided to do a stream where I try and solve Millenium Puzzle, which I 3D printed last year. Later on stream, I decided to play Master Duel and eventually Celeste.

This Millenium Puzzle itself is actually my first 3D printer project. My brother wanted me to pick up 3D printing. Probably so he can ask me to watch over the printer while he goes to class. I've always wanted to learn how to operate d printer anyway, so we use millenium puzzle from yu-gi-oh as a practice for me. One thing lead to another and its Failnaught from Fire Emblem.

I wanted to do this stream last December, but I only managed to paint the whole puzzle a couple of days before the stream. And I had to borrow the office's mirrorless camera to get better picture quality for the stream. The printed quality itself is not good. You can see from the stream that there's still some 3d printer remnant to it. I didn't learn how to soft sand until recent Trooper helmet, so there were mostly rough parts.

Compared to the actual Millenium Puzzle by Bandai, this model lack complexity, for the lack of better term. It only has 20 pieces compared to Bandai's 33 pieces, but it make up for it by the interlocking parts. Despite the lesser quality, it still gave me a hard time to assembly the first time. However, the novelty soon was lost after you solve it. It's like playing Ace Attourney games.

Announcement: while we're on the subject of my streams, I would like to announce another Donathon stream coming this monday:

To celebrate my 1 year Vtuber anniversary, and to catch up on Ake no Tobari, and because I need money, I decided to throw another Donathon stream. The rules are the same as previous Donathon stream: for every 10$ donation I receive on the stream, I will release one Ake no Tobari chapter the following Saturday, no Patreon 1 week wait necessary. Other ways of donating outside the stream, such as direct paypal, and ko-fi are also eligible.

The stream starts at 9:00 PM (GMT+8) on Monday February 7 with encore stream on Wednesday. I'll be playing some Master Duel solo and ranked match and Celeste. I'll see you there.

About these chapters: I think this was the chapter where I lost complete faith in Tengenro humans. I mean sure, this reveals another layer to Tazuna's character, but at the same time, she's a complete sociopath without regards of people well being. Fortunately, we're almost at the end of Tengenro arc (at least in terms of chapter naming).

So here're the chapters. As usual, let me know in the comments if you find error or mistakes. Now I'll be off building my Melffy Tri-Brigade deck.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 229:
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