CnR-KM Vol. 4 Ch. 24-25


Nanaten here. Huh, surprisingly I have nothing to funny to say for an opening statement. I did wrote my weekly update on my Patreon already. I guess you can read it once it's up next week. Which by then is already old news and I put my update for that week on another post, which you will read the week after which by then will already be old news... (rest is omitted).

This month marks my one year being a Vtuber. It should've been a huge milestone, if not for the lack of promotion regarding said milestone. I was supposed to promote that on social media last week, but i was too exhausted from my visit to my parents. And then I just completely forgot about it until the last minute. Anyway, I decided to do an anniversary stream regardless. The result was as you would expected.

Special thanks to Amewa Takahashi and Hajime Chiriko for attending the stream.

Related to this particular release, this next video is my first review video of the original Corseltel no Ryujutsushi manga. I'd been working on this project for half a year and its finally here, totally rushed. It's the first video of my Corseltel introspective video project that I'm working on.

The second video's script is in editing process. hopefully, it'll be finished in February. 

I guess that's all I have to talk about. Again, I mostly put my weekly update on my Patreon right before writing this post, so I have nothing left to say, except for these bug bites I have all over my body. My whole body is itchy. Can't stop scratching. Is that blood?

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 24:
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Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 25:
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