Shura no Mon Ch. 42

Nanaten here. Sorry for the long hiatus. I was spending the last couple of weeks at my parents' cornfield fertilizing corn. I planned on only spending a week there, but one thing led to another, and next thing I knew, I'm moving back with my parents next month (I'll tell you guys more about it on another post). 

Anyway on to this week's videos:
A fellow Vtuber and frequent collaborator, Taiki, organized a group of Vtube singers from Vtuber Network back in 2021 called NiSanGen. For their first project, Taiki wanted to do a chorus of Hikaru Nara. Early that year, I took part in another Hikaru Nara chorus project, so I decided to apply. Taiki offered me a small part in his project, only about 2 lines at the time because all vocal spot had actually been filled. Still, I was fine with it and proceeded to record my 2 lines. After I sent my vocal file, I told Taiki about my other Hikaru Nara project and offered my recording from that project. Taiki accepted. When I sent those files, I assumed that they would just used some parts to patch some stuff in their project. How shocked I was to find out that they actually used most of my vocals, I ended up a featured vocalist in the final video.

As for my thought on the video itself, I cannot emphasize it enough of how much I love the visual presentation. The character design and animation are fantastic. It was smooth and beautiful. However, the same thing can't be said about the audio. I might sound too harsh here, but the lack of work put into timing and tuning the vocal is unacceptable, especially when it's so apparent in the first 30 seconds of the song alone. When I first heard it, it almost ruined the whole video for me. It reminds me of my own lack of experience when it comes to mixing vocals, so I don't have the right to talk.

Second video is a 92 people mass chorus to celebrate 10 year anniversary of the song Doremifa Rondo. See if you can spot my voice in the video.

Third is an MMD Music Video of Specialist from Persona 4 Dance. It was so much fun making these. I'm thinking of making MMD music video once every month.

Random stuff: while I was at my parents farm, I slipped and fall trying to swim in a lake. I landed on my butt for all lake visitors to see. Everything was fine and I proceeded to swim in the lake, until I noticed that I sprained my right pinky finger when I fell. I'd been using a makeshift splint out of band-aids and popsicle sticks (which was an upgrade from my initial twigs and cellophane tape). I took it off this morning to see if it healed. It still hurts a bit when I try to close and open my hand. It'll probably will take about another week to recover. What I'm trying to say is, I'm taking a break from cleaning manga, which means that Ake no Tobari chapters is going to take a while to be released.

So here's the Shura no Mon chapter. Next week will be a Corseltel update.

Shura no Mon 11 Chapter 42:
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