CnR-KM Chapter 26

 Nanaten here. I am completely done with my self quarantine. Still have minor coughs though, but lately it's less frequent. 

I mentioned in my Patreon post last month that my dad got me a new job as the head of language lab at a local university at my hometown. That means that I would have to move out and therefore have no access to my brother's pc for cleaning and typesetting. I stayed at the city during February to get my things sorted out (and again, self quarantine). Immediately after my self quarantine was finished, I got a call from my dad that I have to go there to finalize the paperwork (and help out at the cornfield for harvest). So I packed my bags and move back in with my parents early this week. 

So while I wait for my PC to get delivered, I would have to make do with my super old laptop. Not to worry though, I already had a couple of chapters scheduled for this month. I also have a new MMD video coming up next monday. So look forward to those. 

I spent my self quarantine time playing Pokemon Legends Arceus. I don't have a Switch, so I played it on Yuzu emulator. It works well enough except for a couple of frame dips at the Jubilife Village and some minor graphical glitches. Somehow I couldn't get Vulkan rendering to work on my (brother's) PC. Right as I was about to face Palkia, the Daybreak update and Pokemon Scarlett and Violet were announced. I couldn't play too much of the Daybreak update because it was two days before I left for home. But I'm looking forward to Gen 9 pokemon. 

I also worked on the V2 of my Vtuber model. I've been working on this since October after listening to Argama Witch's comment on my model during her stream. She said and I quote "the only thing original is the hair". So I decided to rework on the model materials. New hairstyle, eyes, and eyebrows. The next MMD video will be a showcase for the new model. So again, look forward to that.

About this chapter: when I was self quarantine, I forgot that I already had this chapter done. I think this chapter was meant to be released in case the donathon stream didn't pan out. So this story is a multi-chapter arc with two concurrent plot. In one hand, we have Agrina who is about to receive her first egg, on the other we have a new dark dragon mage coming to Corseltell for the dark dragon egg. If you've been following Goingsoloonce's livejournal, I posted a picture of Agrina, her dragon, the new dark dragon and its mage at his comment section. And with this, most of the new CnR-KM cast has arrived and basically I can proceed with the second volume of Illbeck. I'll probably do it once my PC arrives. 

So here's the chapter. Let me know in the comment section below if you find any mistake or error. 

Corseltel no Ryujutsushi Koryu Monogatari Chapter 26:
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