Kaiouki Vol. 12 Ch. 36

Nanaten here. Does anyone have this experience where you sort of suddenly travelled to the future and have this feeling of time jetlag and your body doesn't adjust? Well I mistook the day and the calendar this week and I feel like I am travelling forward in time. It's just this nagging feeling, you know?

This (or rather last) week's VODs: The first one is a House of the Dead Stream.

A couple of week's ago I started on working towards my stream aesthetic. And considering I am a manga translator, I decided to go for a comic book/manga aesthetic. I actually designed 4 variants of my new stream overlays and I might showcase them all on another stream. And oh, I also added some custom emojis to appear on the stream. So next time if you decide to tune in on the stream, maybe you should try it.

The second VOD is my first karaoke stream. You might have heard me singing a couple of songs in my  stream, but this is the first time I've ever done a full stream dedicated to singing. I have been planning to do this kind of stream since April, but I never got the chance to do it until now. I must say, I had a blast singing songs that I've always wanted to sing but never got to record. I put a timecode for the songs I sang.

Random stuff: I started playing Utawarerumono game this week because of the news of the anime third season and Monochrome Mobius announcement. If you've seen my Karaoke stream, you know how much I love Utawarerumono series. I am currently at the first game where the main characters are facing the giant Abh Khamu robots for the first time. I must say it basically consumed my entire week. I even set it on auto when I'm doing house chores.

About this chapter: We're now entering the second part of escape prison arc. In this chapter we get to see Fan doing a one-on-one duel, but this time without his sword. How is he going to win? Well only one way to find out.

So here is the chapter. Next week will be a Tobari update.

Kaiouki Chapter 36:
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