Ake no Tobari Chapter 221-224

Nanaten here. Because of work, I didn't get any sleep for the past two days. I was editing a promotional video for a 5G launch event. It wasn't the editing that was exhausting, it was waiting for the art department to finish the assets for the video. And I had to livestream the whole event. To put it lightly, it didn't matter if the whole venue has 5G if everyone in the building is using the same wifi.

This week's streams: I'm currently trying to fix my sleeping schedule. As a way to do that, I would set my alarm to 04:35 am and do morning exercise stream. I streamed Just Dance 2022 mod for Nintendo Wii. Unfortunately, all of the stream got content claimed and thus blocked. I was genuinely upset. And then during the 5G launching event, I broke my microphone trying to set it up for the stream. I pulled the Xlr cable and the battery compartment along with it.

My brother ordered a new 3d printer two weeks ago because our old one broke. It just arrived on Wednesday and it's been working quite well. I plan on using it for my cosplay purpose. Yesterday, my brother printed me a wiimote gun so I can play shooter games.

My initial thoughts is that has a comfy and tactile feel to it. I tried playing Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles with it. Compared to just using regular wiimote, the gun was a bit heavy and less accurate. I was struggling at the first level trying to land any shot. And for some reason my nunchuck couln't register motion, so I had to shake my wiimote to use the knife. And don't get me started on picking up items using the A button.

About these chapters: it sometimes bothers me the way Tobari fights. Tobari always go for the offensive without any regards about his well being. We see him using his power to the point his body literally crumbles down constantly. Thankfully, he has Reimei to channel his excess spirit energy and put him back together should that happens. But Reimei is not present at the moment, so why does Tobari still fights by putting himself on the edge? I believe these chapters will answer that lingering question and give more subtext in Tobari's actions.

So here are the chapters. I'm too exhausted from the 5G Launching event, so I'm taking a break next week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 221:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 223:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 224:
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