T-Sensei Vol. 7 Ch. 38

Nanaten here. You asked for it and here it is. It took way too long for this final volume to be released. I actually planned to do the whole volume in one go, but so many things went wrong during the process of script writing. I was halfway done with the volume and then I lost the flashdrive that contains the script. I was forced to redo the script, and months later I found the flashdrive. Unfortunately, for some reason, I was to lazy to finish the last 20 pages, so it just went abandoned for so long. Then I said screw it, and sent Mayu and Eva the script for this chapter. But I guess the same procrastination syndrome hit them as well, because I only received the finished chapter last week. Not their fault though, just me being too lazy to check in on them.

Alright, now it's time for this week's videos. This week I'm trying to stream a bunch of stuff. Let's start with the big one.

We did a live read to celebrate the final chapter of Umakawa and Toranosuke's birthday (also Citrus Project's 6th year anniversary). Special thanks to Aster and Fenrir for voicing Kaoru and Toranosuke respectively. After the stream I sent the video to Miku Morinaga sensei, and this is her response

I feel so validated by this response.

Second video, I was inspired by Vtuber Alienannn to do a Gunpla build stream.

I found models of Kobu-kai from Sakura Wars game on sale for $15 a couple of weeks ago. I really like the series despite never played/watched the series. The boxes was tucked at the back of the gunpla aisle and I thought to myself, "I must have it". So I saved up like 2 weeks payment from my part-time job and finally got the white Kobu piloted by Ogami. My brother told me I could've bought the Sakura one, but I like Ogami better. I dunno, if someone gives me another $15, maybe I'll buy the Sakura one. (Somehow I have this feeling that the goal of saving up money to buy a graphic card is getting further and further away).

Well, there's also a Minecraft VTSMP stream I did, but that's not really important. It only signifies that I'm a "Big  Boy Vtuber" now, I guess.

And speaking of which, I'll be doing an Among Us stream with a bunch of other indie Vtubers. We'll be streaming at 10 AM GMT +8. I hope you guys would watch us.

And the next day, I'll be streaming Minecraft Nexus SMP lore day. Me and Technoblite are concocting a plan to overthrow the government for the land. But first, we have to recruit some people for our cause. And on Monday, probably another Among Us stream or the continuation of the plamo build. I dunno why I don't schedule this streaming thing.

Anyway, enough of my streaming life. Here is the T-Sensei chapter. Once again, shout out to Mayu and Eva from Mavi manga for cleaning and typesetting this chapter. This whole T-Sensei journey started with Me and them, and we are going to finish it with this final volume. And this chapter is the start of that final journey. One impression about this chapter though, it taught me a lot about dealing with kids. There's a particular bit about scolding children and after reading this chapter, I started to yell at kids less (not that I actually yell at kids constantly, but you get the point, right?). I actually learned a lot about dealing with kids from T-sensei, I wonder if other people who read this manga feels the same. Let me know in the comment section.

So here are the chapter. Next week will be Tobari updates.

T-Sensei Volume 7 Chapter 38:
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