Ake no Tobari Ch. 199-200

 Nanaten here feeling burnt out after making content for 7 days straight. At this point, I looked at myself and wonder, am I ever going to actually do my Vtuber debut? It's almost May for crying out loud.

So here are this week's videos: the first one is the Among Us stream collab I did with other Vtubers.

We had a blast doing this stream, and by us I mean everyone else while I got stuck because of account authentication nonsense. It was still fun once I actually managed to get in the lobby. I hope to play again with them sometime in the future, provided they didn't get turn off by my crass personality.

Second stream is the Kobu model build stream where I finished the model while Sakura Wars (2000) plays in the background.

I had a blast building this model almost to the point where I would buy the Sakura model. Thankfully, I returned to my senses. I just hope the Sakura model would still be on sale next month, so I could actually buy it for my next stream, or, you guys could donate through my Ko-fi or Paypal (links are at the sidebar or at the bottom if you're on mobile).

Shamelessly asking for donation aside, I actually got hooked on Sakura Taisen series, so I decided to play the PS2 remake of the first game.

Second episode of this Let's Play is available on my channel with English subtitles for the Japanese dialogue included. It was at this point I realized that maybe I should post shorter videos. I can't possibly force people to sit through approx 2 hours per video when they're just here to read mangas. Also putting 2 hours English subtitle took way longer than it needed to be while I could've used that time to translate anything else. So maybe future Let's Play episodes will be considerably shorter. I'm sorry for wasting your time.

Anyway, that's it for the video and let's talk about why we're actually here. Our translation of Ake no Tobari has finally reached 200 chapters!!! Woohoo, cue the confetti!!! It really has been a long journey. I can't believe I've been translating this series for 5 years now. I discovered this series by pure random. on New year's eve 2016. I was on my Junior year of college. Back then, reading Comico was still free, so I spent that New year's Eve just reading Ake no Tobari. And I knew, this is something I had to share to the entire world.

A lot has happened since then. I get to meet lots of amazing people, I got to go on stage cosplaying as both Tobari and Reimei, which is by the way, the highlights of my cosplaying life. I get to work with incredibly talented people (shout out to my peeps, Mayu and Eva from Mavi Manga, check out their Turkish translation of Ake no Tobari and T-Sensei). And mostly, I get to receive tons of supports from you readers out there from across the globe (or at least that's what the blog statistic says). The point is, I get to open so many doors because of this series, and I can't thank Ake no Tobari and Momochi Dori sensei enough for that. So here's to Ake no Tobari, may your journey to create a paradise be eventful. Cheers. (And oh, may you also receive a physical release and anime adaptation)

So here're the celebratory chapter 199 and 200. I am completely burnt out from streaming and recording this week, so I'm taking a week off to work on other manga series (and also stream some more).

Ake no Tobari Chapter 199:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 200:
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