Shura no Mon Vol. 11 Ch. 41

Nanaten here sitting completely listless. My friends had a casual cosplay gathering but I couldn't make it because I was streaming minecraft (and the fact that my mother took most of my make-up kit). And there's this CLAS:H cosplay pic showcase and now I'm starting to wonder if I should get back to cosplaying.

This week's video: the minecraft livestream was a disaster and I keep missing lore day for Nexus SMP, so we're just gonna skip that. On the other hand, the third episode of Sakura Taisen Let's Play is up. I noticed that people would be less inclined to watch my video because of its length, so this time I tried to make the episode shorter by less than an hour. It also took less time to edit.

Second video is another Among Us collab stream with other Vtubers. We had fun doing this, especially when I got impostor most of the stream. We are planning for more collabs like this, so stay tuned for that.

Other things: I took a virtual class on how to build a chatbot. I managed to build a simple chatbot called Nanabot. So far it can only respond to question such as "I like [insert anime here]" and giving small recommendation on anime and manga based on genre. But the latter was hella buggy, so take caution. Please talk to Nanabot and let me know what you think in the comments.

About this chapter: nothing really happens in this chapter. It is mostly a setup for this current arc, so I cannot talk about it too much. But we do get introduced to a new character this chapter. That's all I have to say. I am completely exhausted.

I am planning of doing another Don-a-thon stream because I need money to get a Leap Motion sensor. The last don-a-thon was a success and I actually had fun during the stream, but the price of graphic card skyrocketed and so long has passed. I actually used the money I collected to pay other stuff such as my bills and groceries, so financially speaking, think the second season premiere of Two Broke Girls (or something similar, I haven't actually watched that show). This time, I am not only planning on releasing Tobari as a donation goal, but other series as well, so look forward to that. If you have a suggestion on what I should be doing for the Don-a-thon stream, let me know in the comment section.

Shura no Mon Volume 11 Chapter 41:
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