Ake no Tobari (belated) White Day Special Chapter

Nanaten here, posting a special chapter instead of the main story so I can have a time off watching Onyx Equinox while MangaDex is still down. I really love that show and how it's set around Meso-American culture. Especially, the ending theme. It's so haunting, melancholic, and beautiful I actually couldn't sleep because of it, which is quite ironic considering the song is actually a lullaby. 

Anyway, this week's video instead of the usual Minecraft video, I decided to do something different

For context: Nexus SMP was shooting its 1st episode and it didn't require some of its members, so I had an empty slot for activity. That week, my brother and I purchased an HD webcam for Vtube purpose, because my previous webcam was a $7 webcam and the quality is as bad as what you expect. So now I have two webcams, that means I can use the other to do a simple motion capture. And by simple, I mean janky as hell. And the result is as you can see on the video. It was a fun stream despite my audio interface was unplugged during most of it. I had a good workout and I sweat a lot. I am planning to do more of this Just Dance Wii streams in the future.

Speaking of stream:

Tonight at 9:30 PM (GMT+8) I, Aster, and Fenrir are going to do a live reading of Umakawa to celebrate its final chapter. We'll be reading the first chapter and talk about the series. It's going to be fun (hopefully). I'll see you there.

About this chapter: a little warning, this White Day Special Chapter was released on March, where the main story is currently on Chapter 285, so obviously there's going to be a major spoiler as of the currently translated arc. I talked about it during my Nexus SMP stream two weeks ago. So be prepared.

So here is the chapter. Let me know if you find any mistake or error. Next week will be the long awaited return of a fairly beloved series.

Ake no Tobari White Day 2021:
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