Ake no Tobari Ch. 187-188 & Stream Announcement

Nanaten here. I've been making preparations for my graduation ceremony only for it to be postponed for two weeks smh. I also spent the week in preparation for my next stream and I want to do something special.

Speaking of stream, In case if you missed my stream last week:
We tried to defeat the Ender Dragon during our stream only for it to be ruined by Bliztikus mistyping the command. So we had to end the stream early. And to our shock, the server got backed up, Articule and Bliz dared to challenge the Ender Dragon without us. So I'm a bit upset. Anyway, as you can see from the video, my stream quality is not good because my PC lacks the performance needed to run minecraft and stream at the same time. I'll also be making my Vtube debut soon, and I need a PC capable of doing that. And for that reason I am announcing this:

So yeah, on my next stream tonight, I'm thinking of doing a little bit fundraiser. I spent the week working on a batch of Ake no Tobari chapters and I thought it would be good to use those chapters as goals/rewards for reaching some milestones. So as you can see, for every $20 raised, I will release one translated chapter of Ake no Tobari. I will release the link on the next post on this site and on Mangadex 30 minutes later. So I'll see you at the stream.

About these chapters: So this is the beginning of the new arc. Where we last left off, Tobari and Reimei is heading towards Tsugomori's hometown. I had my reservation about this arc because the arc went on for so long. Not in terms of the pacing, but the release. Momochi Dori-sensei had to go on a lot of breaks during this arc. They were hospitalized at one point, which was concerning. But they're fine now.

also, Comico is having a special Valentine's Day event and there's a character poll for the best Bachelor of various Comico series with Tobari as one of the nominees. So how this poll works is that, you go to the Valentine Day event page. Each nominees has their own respective chapters where you can cast your vote by like and comments. The page to cast your votes for Tobari is here. One lucky voter will get a special illustration by the respective author of the series.

So here are the beginning of Tengenro arc. I'll be taking a break next week because I am burnt out.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 187:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 188:
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