Ake no Tobari Ch. 189

Nanaten here wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and also Happy Valentine's Day. I said last week that I'll be taking a break but since no one watched my fundraising stream last week, I decided to just release one chapter this week and save the rest for my next stream tonight. Anyway, if you like to tune in for my next stream, just click this link. I'll also be doing an encore stream on Sunday.

But in case if you missed my stream last week, here're the VODs just for you (I'm too lazy to make a highlights video:

So this is the first fundraising stream. As I said multiple times, the framerate is not great. There's also the problem that no one actually showed up in the minecraft server, so I decided to abandon the whole Minecraft stream thing and just play Coffee Talk instead (I put the timeline in the video). If you noticed, this is actually sort of my Vtube model reveal kind of. However, I have to warn that this was not my Vtube debut stream. I am still tweaking some kinks, I haven't gotten used to streaming yet. My Vtube debut stream will be a different one. Think of this as a pre-debut kind of thing. But it is coming.

On the Encore Stream, I finally did some tweaks and managed to get a decent framerate. Turns out, my OBS setting was at 1080p. Also, my PC cannot run Minecraft and VSeeFace at the same time. So there's that. You can watch the Encore stream right here.

Now for something of a regular video kind of thing. I did a sudden Hypixel Bedwars stream on Wednesday. And we recorded an anime reaction video together. PseudoIntellectual and I have been planning this for months. He asked me to watch one episode and we decided that we should tricked our friends into watching a couple of episodes. This is the result:

Anyway, here's announcement for the next stream. Apparently, I wasn't very clear during my stream on which chapter I would release for the fundraising so here you go:

I decided to lower the goal for the fundraiser, so people would actually thinking of donating. But seriously, please consider donating. This will be the last fundraising stream I will do for this because I'm thinking on deciding the date for my Vtube debut. I still haven't recorded my debut cover, but once I'm done with it, I will push the date. I also am currently waiting for my VTuber community discord approval. Maybe I should try to apply again.

Now about this chapter: Where we last left off, Reimei has succeeded entering Tengenro. But the bad news is, the one they're looking for has passed away, or is it? It is up to Tobari and Reimei to investigate what is hidden within this nomadic settlement. What could be there lying in waiting? What secrets is this village hiding? Tune in next time in Dragon Ball Z... yeah this joke pretty cliché. But it is pretty mysterious. So far, the human villages we see is pretty accepting towards demons. But this one shows their hostility on their faces. This might have something to do with Saku's supposed death. Also, what is up with Nakago's sword? Well, you have to keep reading to find out. And you can read more if you decided to donate during my stream (Yes, stream plug success.)

So here's the chapter. I'll see you on the livestream.

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