Kaiouki Vol. 10 Ch. 30 (and Demon Slayers: Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie Review)


Nanaten here. Last week I went to see the Demon Slayers Mugen Train movie in theatre with my friends. It's a bit strange experience to be in theatre during this New Normal situation. The thing that sticks out to me is that I was not allowed to bring food inside. I know, it's pretty strange to be so hung up about that. It's just that the theatre was literally selling them right at the entrance and you are not supposed to bring them inside? Talk about a rip-off.

About the movie itself, I already read the manga when the corresponding chapters came out, so I knew what I was getting myself into in terms of the plot (except for my friend who is an anime only kind of guy). Thus, I was more focused on the visual presentation. And wow, what a spectacle. The particle effects, the dynamic camera movements, the color grading, and the lighting. My favorite bits were the one that utilized visual and audio cues. They were done so well, you could tell that something eerie was going in that train right at the beginning.

The movie also move at a fast pace, just like the train itself, with some rest stops for comedic and dramatic moments. It picked up right after the end of the first season. It didn't waste time to introduce the main trio Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, their motivation, and all that. They boarded the train and immediately introduce the main piece of this story: Rengoku. Rengoku is the star of this movie. He's there to be give our demon slayer trio some crash course in demon busting. And it works. His personality is so high in tension, with the skill to back it up, which is effective as a foil to the trio's comedic dynamic, it adds to that. 

So if you've read the manga, you already know what was going to happen to Rengoku. My friend actually didn't see it coming. In the span of the movie, it managed to make us care about Rengoku, which what makes the ending much more devastating. Rengoku's death was so effective because it was the first major demon slayer corp in the series. Throughout the series, they keep reminding us that the mortality rate for demon slayers is very high, and Rengoku's death shows us that not even the main pillar can escape that.

This is also present at the very first scene of the movie, where we see Ubuyashiki strolling at a gravesite of fallen demon slayers. The demon slayer corp, as noble as they be, is still a dangerous job. They're mortals fighting against monsters who are impervious to normal damage and can instantly heal. For one upper demon killed, there's a trail of fallen demon slayers behind them. In Season 1, those deaths were treated lightly just as cannon fodder to show how strong the demon were. They showed a bunch of corpses, our heroes faced the demons, they moved on. But not this movie. Rengoku's death lingers. His death has an impact towards the rest of the characters and the direction of the next story, where our heroes go to next, how they will face their next adversary. 


But as much as the movie focuses on Rengoku, the series is still about Tanjiro and Nezuko. Now here, once again, Nezuko takes a back seat to give us insight on Tajiro's psyche after their family was killed. My favorite bits on the series has always been where the ghosts of Kamado siblings help their living siblings during crisis. It shows that Tanjiro is still feeling guilt for not being able to protect his family. And the movie puts a heavy focus on that by putting Tanjiro in a dream world where his family is still alive. He subconsciously knew it wasn't real so he struggles to let go. We as the audience felt his pain of losing his family again as he runs off to be the main character and save the day.

Now let's talk about the action scenes. All I can say is there are lots and I mean lots of dynamic camera movements. And unlike some generic anime fight sequence, you can actually follow what's going on screen. The closest thing I can compare the camera work to is the action scene of Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (but, you know, in 2D). There's really nothing much to say since it's Ufotable.

So, yeah, I had a great time watching it. Please watch it in theatre if you can. Those who have read the manga won't be disappointed. Those who have seen the movie but yet to read the manga, I recommend you to read the corresponding chapter because the movie left out some explanations for the sake of pacing.

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So here's the chapter. I really don't have anything to say because this post is already long enough and it's already 2 AM. Let me know if you find error or translation mistake. Next week will be a Tobari update.

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