Umakawa Vol. 4 Ch. 21


Nanaten here and welcome to the Umakawa chapter that broke me. So much that it took me two weeks to push through and finish this chapter. The only consolation I have is to see your reaction to the chapter over at Mangadex, and other manga sites (that and the last three pages).

This week's video: actually I'm just going to promote my friend's Twitch channel, Bonk_Boat. We did a Minecraft stream the other day, and as a Minecraft noob, I decided to ruin the experience to everyone off screen. You can hear me in the stream yelling for help from time to time:

We're going to do Minecraft stream every week, so be sure to subscribe to Bonk. I've been learning how to play vanilla Minecraft the past week, you might see my minecraft house/ranch/wolf petting zoo on the next stream.

Other random stuff: I've been listening to Big Finish's Doctor Who audio dramas while playing Minecraft and working. I'm currently listening to Torchwood's Alien Among Us series as of writing this post. They are fun to listen, and the casts are amazing.

So this is the penultimate chapter. I'm taking a break next week to work on a bunch of translation commission because I dropped my phone on accident and I need money to fix it.

Umarekawatte mo mata, Watashi to Kekkon shite kuremasu ka? Volume 4 Chapter 21:
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