Ake no Tobari Ch. 185-186


Nanaten here, just got home from three consecutive work shifts and I'm exhausted. My sleep schedule is a mess once again. So to put it simply, I'm doing alright.

This week's video:

It's the third Fox & Wolves medley mashup battle with a little twist. During recording, I forgot to check the battery of my camera, hence half the footage is lost. Thus, I replaced the lost footage with animatic. I hope you enjoy it.

Second video is the outtakes of the medley mashup battle videos. Basically they were round that was too short to be a single video because we were still getting the hang of this medley mashup battle recording and we (well, mostly me) messed up a lot, as you can see.

About this chapter: Now we're leaving Iwao's arc and into this arc. Folks, buckle up, this arc is going to be a long one. That's all I'm going to say (guys, I'm really exhausted).

So here are the chapters, next week will be an Umakawa update.

Ake no Tobari 185:
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Ake no Tobari 186:
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