Shura no Mon Vol. 11 Ch. 40, Kaiouki Vol. 10 Ch. 29, & Ake no Tobari 184

Nanaten here wishing everyone a Happy New Year. 2020 was a crazy year. But we managed to push through it. So here's to a more hopeful 2021. 

My goal for this year is to improve more, in terms of my path as a translator, singer, and an aspiring Vtuber. I started taking vocal lesson in hopes it would improve my voice when recording videos. Speaking of videos, here are the videos I uploaded between the last update:

This is my first Minecraft video I ever recorded, and the first time I ever played PvP Minecraft. For context, the only time I ever played Minecraft was half a decade ago, when I was still an undergrad student. I played a pirated version of Minecraft with my brother and his colleagues. I wasn't good then, and as you can see in this video, I am not good now. I decided to purchase my legit copy of Minecraft so I can play it with friends, but instead of teaching me the ropes, they thought it would be great to throw me straight up to PvP server and play some Cake Wars.

This one is the second part of our first Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC playthrough. There's still problems with the recording from the last episode. So If you could bear with it, there is some funny bits in it.

Now back to Minecraft stuff. Picking off from the last minecraft video, we thought it would be great to invite more of our friends, and so we did. We tried to take a screenshot, but as you can see from this video, I am not good with directions. And oh, more Cake Wars despite my complaints about being a minecraft noob.

Or in case you missed my videos for the past year, I decided to make a compilation video of some of my best moments of 2020. You get the idea. There are a couple of never before seen clips thrown in there and if you watch it to the end, there's a teaser for an upcoming cover (which I haven't recorded yet. I have this strange habit of making the video first and then record the audio). If you have the time, please watch these videos.

Random stuff: I spend my New Years Eve watching American Dragon Jake Long season 2. For some reason, it's still unavailable on Indonesian Disney+. Between you and me, I'm more of a season 2 fan. I grew up on season 2 and I wish Disney channel would revive the show for another season. Heck, I'll take a live action series if I have to. I'll probably watch it again once it's available on Disney+. For the meantime, I'll be humming the theme song while watching Private Practice and Castle.

About these chapters: I was planning these to be released on Holiday season, but at the middle of December, I caught a cold. As I was working on Kaiouki, my head began to hurt, so the release was delayed. It got so bad to the point I decided to skip translating the sound effects. Basically, the whole house went down with a cold. Thankfully, I get my self tested for Covid earlier this week and the test came back negative.

As for the Shura no Mon, I was originally plan to work on this with someone else. We are planning to collaborate together on Shura no Mon series, starting with the Isekai spin-off. The plan was I would work on the translation while he does the typesetting and proofreading. I was working on the Shura no Mon until back in September, I lost the flashdrive containing half of the finished script (along with the finished draft of my thesis. Well, that's what you get for storing your scripts in a flashdrive without backup). It wasn't until the beginning of December that I found the drive behind by CPU with all of the files intact. So, with Holiday spirit in mind, I decided to typeset the first chapter of volume 11.

But here's the thing, I really HATE this arc. This series was made in the 80's and the arc is set in America. So there are some offensive sentiments from the American characters. To put it mildly, they haven't aged well. I wish I could just skip this arc altogether, if not for the (spoiler alert) connection to Shura no Toki series. You'll see my point if you read the Shura no Toki manga. So doing this collaboration thing really helps me pushing through 10 volumes of this arc. So hopefully, it goes well and I wasn't lazy enough to write the script. (I still haven't finished translating the script for volume 11 because I'm still recovering from my cold.)

So that was my New Year Greetings. Once again, I wish everyone a wonderful year. Next week, will be another Tobari update. By the way, does anyone know a way to trick friends into watching the entirety of Haruhi Suzumiya's "Endless Eight"? I want to make a prank video.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 184:
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Shura no Mon Volume 11 Chapter 40:
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Kaiouki Volume 10 Chapter 29:
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