Umakawa Vol. 4 Ch. 20


Nanaten here. Editing and rendering this week's video took longer than it should be. So I have to write this quick.

This week's video: Me and the boys return to play Metal Gear Rising.

after recording the main campaign of Metal Gear Rising, Hootowl ask me to record the DLC campaign with him. So I invited Muscled Gamer and ThePseudoIntellectual along for the ride. Unfortunately, my internet connection at the time was so low, the discord streaming had connection issues. Also, to compensate for my lack of commentary last time, I decided that it would be fun if the me boys put some edits here and there, hence why the editing took longer than usual. You'll see my point.

Random stuff: this week, If you follow my twitter, you'd probably notice that I've been tinkering with Vroid studios. I've been thinking of transitioning to become a Vtuber. I've been watching Argama Witch's streams and tutorials, but I still can't get a handle on texturing and stuff. I spent days tinkering with my model, and I think it came out pretty well for my first model. It'll still be a while before my debut, because the house construction is still ongoing. Also I realized, I don't really know what kind of content I should make. So, if you have suggestion, let me know in the comments.

About this chapter: this is part two of the trilogy of my eventual breakdown. Only two chapters left after this. In case you're wondering, the new pilot, Majima, appeared back in chapter 15. He was the young soldier Yuzuru protected from his subordinates. I'm saying because I see people have hard time remembering characters considering their spreaded appearances through out the series. One character appeared and reappeared as an older version of themselves. It's kinda hard to keep track. Sometimes they were briefly mentioned and appears a couple chapters later. I read some comments that it was a huge turn-off for them because it left no room for character development. But since the series is supposed to be about Kaoru and Toranosuke, I think it's fine.

So here's the chapter. I'm taking a break next week to work on more chapters.

Umakawa Volume 4 Chapter 20:
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