Ake no Tobari Ch. 183

 Nanaten here. Currently, we (and by we I mean my brother and his work buddies) are building a second story (or sorts) in our living room. We just started construction and put the steel frames on the story. The hope is that it'll provide storage space for the equipment.

Surprisingly I have nothing else to say. I've been busy going back and forth between my house and the library to turn in my thesis, but small hiccups prevented the library to approve it. One time it was the campus logo on the hardcover, and multiple times I turned in the from soft copy, so I had to double back home and redo the files. It was only until this morning that my thesis is finally approved by the library and I can finally proceed with my graduation process. You know, one thing at a time.

Recently, my friends have been inviting me to play Cake Wars on Minecraft, despite that I haven't even played the vanilla version of Minecraft. I keep insisting on playing the vanilla version with them (or playing Bed Wars instead), but they still put me in Cake Wars lobby.

Speaking of which, my Reimei minecraft skin is available for grabs in my patreon. I might create skins for other Ake no Tobari characters as well in the future. But if you already made any Ake no Tobari skins, I would like to see it.

About this chapter: I already explained it previously, but I love Kagari. I hadn't read up to that point when he first appeared, so my initial thought was, "Who the hell is this Tobari wannabe?" but I immediately fell in love once I got to this point of the story. He really cared for Iwao, well this version of him at least. And I would love to see more of him. Unfortunately, just like Tobari's grandmother, his appearances is only brief. But he made such an impact on Iwao's character arc. Now if only we can take Magatoki out of the equation....

So here is the Tobari update. Sorry I could only do one chapter. Next week will be an Umakawa update.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 183:
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