Umakawa Vol. 4 Ch. 19


Nanaten here watching the final Unus Annus livestream. It's sad to see that channel go, but it's inevitable. I'm gonna miss that Unus Annus chant. I couldn't say anything more because I am completely exhausted from part-time work. I didn't feeling to even wake up this morning.

Anyway, time to catch up to my videos the past two weeks: The first one is the penultimate episode of our Metal Gear Rising let's play.

The second and third video is my Left 4 Dead 2 play session with Hootowl64 and Chaz.

Random stuff: My brother recently purchased Oculust Quest 2 to replace the last broken headset. I must say, it's really comfortable to wear without the cables weighting it down. Although there's a gap in the nose where I can see the outside, but I guess it's just the shape of my face. I only played a couple songs in beat saber and I haven't tried to play anything else. Maybe I'll start making VR content soon (with the permission from my brother of course). Speaking of which, I also recently purchased a copy of Minecraft, so there's that. I spent my time yesterday trying to make Reimei minecraft skin. Pixel drawing is not my strong suit, as you can see from my Left 4 Dead 2 video thumbnails.

About this chapter: We are at the last stretch of Umakawa finale. Without spoiling anything, I must say that these chapters are heartbreaking every time I read it. I can even say that these chapters broke me, but you know, in a good way. I already finished the scripts up to the penultimate chapter. I even spent the week finishing the next chapter after this. I must say, finishing two Umakawa chapters in one sitting last week was exhausting. I am thinking of changing my release schedule, but I couldn't find what good day to do a new release schedule. So I'll probably stick to the old schedule for a while.

So here is the late Umakawa chapter. Next week will probably be Tobari update (probably will be arriving late on my patreon because I am currently too exhausted to work on the scripts).

Umakawa Volume 4 Chapter 19:
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