Ake no Tobari Ch. 178-179


Nanaten here with his Halloween greeting. Just in time for Ake no Tobari's 6th year anniversary special campaign over at Comico. So they have several events to celebrate Ake no Tobari's 6th year anniversary. The first one is free read up to chapter 100: basically it means that chapters up to 100 is free to read without using tickets until November 19th.

Second event, and this is probably the most important one, is Ake no Tobari's first official character popularity vote. So how it works is that each people would cast two votes by commenting in this chapter. Write two of your favorite characters in the comments there. And the winner will be announced on November 16th. Also six voters will receive a custom profile pic illustrated by Momochi Dori-sensei himself. The poll closes on November 6th.

(On similar note, there have been an unofficial character poll made by Momochi Dori-sensei, but the way it was done was slightly under the radar and rather one sided. Back then the vote was casted based on the comment's profile pic instead of actual comments. Not to mention, the event was announced through Momochi-sensei's twitter account so many people missed it. Therefore, many character with interesting designs got votes. Reimei ended up with zero votes. I hope he gets more votes this time)

Third event is a special chapter. However it's only highlights of previous chapters up to chapter 188, which is basically the arc that we're about to go in. So nothing special there.

Fourth event is a twitter campaign. Basically you have to retweet this so that it reaches 7777 RTs.

Twelve people will receive 1000 yen Amazon gift card by following @Comico_JP and retweeting this tweet and another twelve will receive 1000 Comico coins by using hashtag #明けのトバリ

This week's video: Episode 10 of my Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Let's Play. In this episode, another friend of mine, ThePsuedoIntellectual, joins the playthrough.

About this chapter: we're about to enter Iwao vs. Magatoki arc, as I said earlier. This is the chapter where we get the real backstory of Iwao that's been hinted at a couple of chapters ago.All I can say is, you're going to love the new character introduced in this arc.

So here're the chapters. My flashdrive is still missing, and I'm currently busy doing translation commission, so no new chapter next week. (Oh, yeah I forgot to mention, I'm taking commissions again)

Ake no Tobari Chapter 178:
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Ake no Tobari Chapter 179:
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