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Nanaten here. Sorry for being late, I was recording a couple of Let's Play episodes with my friends. Also, I seem to have lost my flashdrive containing ALL in progress scripts, including next chapter of Umakawa, half volume of Shura no Mon, and the next two chapters of Ake no Tobari. Okay, that last one I actually had backed up on my drive, so that's good. But inside that flashdrive is also the psd files of my releases for the past month.

This week's video: another episode of my (actually Hoot's) Metal Gear Rising Let's Play, where in this episode we made jokes about how many cooch Raiden's having back home for 30 minutes.

Announcement: I finished with my final presentation this week and I finally got my Master's Degree. It's been a long academic journey. I would like to thank my family and friends who had supported me for the past three years. I thank my parents for their encouragement and for pushing me through, I thank my big brother for supporting me no questions asked, I thank my little sister, who somehow managed to get her Master's Degree first (so proud of you, with a tiny grain of jealousy). To my academic advisors, for their feedbacks. To my friends who guided me though all these campus hierocracy. And lastly, you guys, for being there. I am looking forward to the next stage of my life (and possibly a little afraid).

About this chapter: editing this extras took way longer than it should. I actually skipped this extra and went straight on Volume 3. Of course, as you can see, I went back and finished these extras. I have already mentioned in the special booklets that the first halves of the booklets were Q&A session featuring side characters and were later re-released as Volume 2 extras. This is it. Because the Q&A stuff were released during early volumes of CnRM, some of the questions have already been answered. But they still give a lot of perspective about the characters and the world they live in. I actually had to read back on some of the characters name and place's translated names provided by Goingsoloonce's livejournal for consistency. So that was fun.

So here're the extras. Next week will be a Tobari update (if I can find my flashdrive)

CnRKM Volume 2 Extra:
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