Commission Slot 7-9: Shura no Mon Vo. 10

Nanaten here caught with a mild cold. The rainy weather finally caught up to me. So right now I'm sipping lukewarm ginger tea (forgot to buy honey) while making this post.

Random stuff: convenience store food. A convenience store chain recently started selling ready to eat meals. Their menu consists of rice balls, spaghetti, sandwiches, and chicken and beef. The most popular item is unsurprisingly the rice balls, which always sold out on their most chains. So every time my friends actually managed to buy one, they would take a pic and post it like some instagram comodity (dude, it's $0.50 a piece rice ball, calm down). Luckily, the one near my house always have it in stock, so whenever I see it, I somehow bought their entire stock (teehee).

Other random stuff: my brother plays Arknights to the point he make his own Lancet 3D model.

I don't get the appeal of the game, but everyone I know seems to be playing it. As someone whose gacha game experience only consists of Pokemon Masters, I can't bring myself to try and play the game.

About this release: shout-out to MUTSU for once again commissioned this release. This is the volume that cost me my hard disk. I was in the middle of working this volume when my brother turn on the heat gun which sucked a lot of power. A couple of power shortage later, and the hard drive containing all of my data is lost. I'm still clinging to a sliver of hope that the data can be recovered somehow. Like, ALL of my current projects are in there. I at least managed to recover this release in particular, so that's a silver lining.

I originally planned to release this volume at the same time as volume 9 and the Isekai spin-off. There's a line in the Isekai spin-off referencing this volume, so have fun finding it. I'm trying something with the release schedule for this volume, particularly on Mangadex. The entire volume can be read here, but there's going to be a timing for the Mangadex release. I'm thinking one chapter a week maybe.

Let's talk about the story. So this is the last volume of the tournament arc. Some plot points from this arc were dropped and never referenced again, at least until the sequel. I really wish I can just skip this series, the next arc in particular, so I can get to the sequel already. Third arc of Shura no Mon is my least favorite, and for good reason too. The third arc is highly offensive in terms of racism and stereotype. Think The Great Ace Attorney series level of racism. This arc was written in the 90's, so a lot of the stuff does not age well. But the third arc does have important plot points. It served as a bridge between Shura no Mon and Shura no Toki. SnT volume 4 to be exact. If you've been following the series since I started working on the series, you'll know what I'm talking about.

So here's the end of tournament arc. Thank you for the comments about how you love this series. It really keeps me going. Let me know if you find mistakes and error in this release. Next week will be the return of Umakawa.

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