Commission Slot 4-6: Shura no Mon Vol. 9

Nanaten here, spending $4 on Monster Prom DLC which I'm pretty sure I won't play unless I play it with someone else on my channel. I also wish to purchase Coffee Talk, but I'm probably going to wait until the price goes down or a bigger humble bundle sale.

So I actually had to wait for The Good Place Series finale before writing this post because, well, it's The Good Place series finale. So the finale's title, "Whenever You're Ready", really speaks to the audience. At this moment, you can chose whether you want to watch the finale or not. I'm the sort of guy that always drop a show at the final season because I was never ready to say goodbye to the show. The overall conflict with The Good Place was pretty much resolved in last episode, so having the series itself telling me if I was ready to say my final goodbye to the series is a nice moment to take in.

And really, that's what the finale is about: taking their time to bask in the exact moment before leaving, there's no twist, there's no looking back to glorious moments, just taking in the moment. There's nothing to be said when everyone reached their own conclusion that they're ready to go through that door. They all content with what they have, what they've achieved, and how they spent the rest of the afterlife. It just... clicked, it's time, there's no need to drag it out.

3 minutes in and we see Jason reached that conclusion, and I was like, "Oh, no... This is how the rest of the finale's going to be, isn't it?" and it felt natural. There's no more story for them to tell, especially not Jason. Shenanigans? Sure. But Jason's a simple character with simple motivation. Once the motivation has been reached, it comes naturally, not because he was bored of everything the good place had offered. I was surprised of how everyone on Earth was accepted to the Good Place eventually, though, especially Doug. Season 3 pretty much established him as irredeemable human. But I guess if people like Brent has a chance of improvement then Doug can definitely get in. It's also nice to see how almost every minor characters has one last appearance (except for Adam Scott's Trevor and Chidi's ex-girlfriend). The Nick Offerman cameo caught me by surprise. There's already a Parks & Rec easter egg on the show before, but getting the Ron Swanson himself was the absolute treat.

Anyway move on to another review (Oh, you thought there's only one in this post?), yesterday I went to see Violet Evergarden movie. This movie feels like two OVAs stitched together rather than a typical movie with a single plot (at the end of the second story, I suspected there was going to be a third one. Luckily, it went to the credits). Mostly because it mainly focuses on the guest movie only characters instead of Violet. But I guess with "Gaiden" on the tittle, I pretty much expected that.

Haruhi and K-On are the only two movies produced by Kyoto Animations that I watched. This movie is a good sign of the studio getting back on their feet after the fire. After the delay because of that fire, it's nice to see the final product still has that KyoAni polish on it as we would have expected. I really like the two stop motion sequences on the two separate montage (pointing out the thing with the movie felt like two separate OVAs). But I must say, the sound design, just imagine me doing that chef hand with my mouth gesture. Every time the camera closes in to show Violet's hand, you can hear the sound of metal faintly clanking with whatever object she's interacting with. Just... mooch (just imagine me doing that chef gesture again).

So about this release: Shout-out to Mutsu for commissioning this release. This is one of two part release. I was planning to just dump all of the batches together but decided against it because I still don't have any other chapter due to that drive thing (which was an excuse for procrastinating). I was working on this volume in a real hurry, so besides basic color correction, I didn't do any of proofreading at all, so please let me know if you find errors or mistakes in the script somewhere.

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