Isekai Shura no Mon

Nanaten here and yes, you did not misread the title. This is an Isekai spin-off of Shura no Mon/Shura no Toki series. This was created to commemorate 35 years of Kawahara Masatoshi's manga debut on Monthly Shonen Magazine. And what good way to celebrate that, said a Monthly Shonen Magazine editor, Well an isekai spin-off of course.

Fortunately, this chapter is free to read from the get go on Pocket Shonen Magazine, unlike Ashidaka, Ryo Sumiyoshi's new series, that was locked behind a paywall so I got to work on this right away despite my broken hard drive. (Un)fortunately, this was only a one-shot special. There's no further information that this will actually get picked on for a full series. Kawahara Masatoshi is still penning Ryusui no Tsubasa, and the series just got off a hiatus a couple of months ago because of Shura no Toki volume 18 and 19. It basically depends on general reception of this one-shot.

To be honest, my impression with this chapter within average range. I was so hyped with Ashidaka when it was announced and he fact that I noticed this chapter way too late already reduced my investment in general. I was expecting a Slice-of-life comedy spin-off kinda thing, you know a 4-koma comedy spin-off featuring Mutsus from every generations. From Tsukumo all the way back to Kiichi. That would be a much more interesting read.

There's also the thing with different artist did the illustrations. I don't know who this Toushirou Kai is. Either he's one of Masatoshi's assistants or a recently debuted mangaka hired by the magazine. I could not find anything on the guy. Masatoshi's script is apparent, but sometimes it feels mismatched with the expression of the character. I know it's supposed to be a comedy and the art is simplified, but there are too many serious moments in this series that could actually passed on as another Shura no Toki chapter if not for the Isekai tag on it.

And then there's the Mutsu of it all. When I first saw the announcement, no further information than this picture above, I was speculating on which Mutsu is that. Heck, I even wished that it was Tohya (read next week's release to find out who that is). One of the main traits of Shura no Toki is while how each generation has its own mannerism, they all share common traits, they all OP, they all big eater, they all have a ponytail and extremely confident on their skill. Based on those traits and the fact that it's by different artist, I couldn't tell which Mutsu that was. So imagine my frustration when it turns out that the Mutsu turned out to be [spoiler] with a personality of Nikka from Kaiouki and Listless Tanaka combined. It just feels like a cop-out to me.

So here's the actual chapter. I hope my rant doesn't repel you from reading this one-shot. I really hope you actually enjoy it and this series to be picked up for a full serialization because I actually enjoyed the world itself and I feel there's lot to explore here. Anyway, let me know if you find any error or grammar mistake in the comments. Next week, we'll be back to regular Shura no Mon.

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