Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 15 Ch. 72

Nanaten here wishing everyone a happy holiday. I'm supposed to release a bunch of chapters at this particular time of the year as holiday present but I got caught up with so many things this past few months, I didn't have time to do any chapters. So I'll push those chapters for next week instead. Yay procrastination.

Thank you for the one hundred views of my Shura no Toki video. I hope that everyone is excited for the project. I'm still writing the pilot episode and just trying to cut some scenes off to shorten the length of the episode.

About this chapter: so here we are introduced to another prominent character of this arc. Expect more of him in the future. I planned for this week's release to be a double feature with Ake no Tobari, unfortunately, my connection at the time was so bad, I couldn't download the typeset Ake no Tobari chapter from Mayu (the download was interrupted at least 5 times before I was able to get the complete rar file). But a few hours before writing this post, my internet connection has improved.

So here's the latest Tekken Chinmi Legends. Next week will be the last update of the year, So I'll be doing a bunch of chapters (provided I don't get overwhelmed)

Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 15 Chapter 72:
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