Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 15 Ch. 71

Nanaten here. So I accidentally deleted my LINE account when trying to get to it. All of my contacts, poof, gone. What a great way to end a year. Can't wait for next year when I accidentally delete this blog.

This week's video: to celebrate Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, I decided to throw a quick Bahasa Indonesia cover of the theme song. And by quick I mean I did not check the mix quality as apparently I already forgotten how to do it.
I supposed to record this a week ago, but I was busy selling mini burgers while cosplaying as Ichiro Yamada from Hypnosis Microphone series. It was a halfway done cosplay, so I did not take a picture of it.

About this chapter: second week of Tekken Chinmi month is here. I assume many people asks about the continuation of this series on regular basis. Like I said last week, I am planning to finish volume 15 by the end of the year. All scripts are done. The reason I couldn't finish volume 15 is because I had to return the raw I have because the rent was overdue. But now that I finished the script of the rest of the volumes, all that's left is typesetting.

So here's the chapter. I'll be seeing you next week.

Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 15 Chapter 71:
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