Ake no Tobari Ch. 138, T-Sensei Vol. 4 Ch. 19, Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol. 15 Ch. 73

Nanaten here and welcome to the last update of the year. For this blog that is, I still have an update for patrons waiting (implying I finish them in time). Unfortunately, this year there is no CnR updates (bummer). I should've done them back in October but I forgot.

So my end of the year remarks. It been quite a wild year. A bunch of my friends got married, did my first legit cosplay photo session, got my youtube monetization feature removed, finally landed on some voice roles, appeared on national television (for literally half a second. Seriously, I had to pause the video to catch it), pulled the most successful live performance I ever have, got my LINE account accidentally deleted, and my phone and helmets were stolen. While I don't want to say it to be a great year, I can't say it was terrible either.

So last videos of the year. First is something I should've put on last week's update:

Second, my third Dragon Ball cover:

Last one is a Youtube Rewind video by Youtubers from my region. I have a conflicting feeling about sharing it. I planned to do a video explaining it but I don't think it deserve it, so here goes. A month ago, I was invited to do appear on it. Because of my feeling towards last year's video quality and other stuff that happened behind the scene, I was feeling reluctant of joining the project. I did help doing the make-up work for the first scene, but then I was feeling inferior and obsolete. Like was there even a point of me being there?

So I didn't show up on consecutive days of filming. At the time I was also busy preparing for some events and working on my script of Shura no Toki abridged. So I use those as an excuse of not showing up. It wasn't until the last day of shooting I decided to go just as a sign of good will towards the director. 

About these chapters: so this is the last chapter of Tekken Chinmi Legends volume 15. I'll be taking a break from TCL to work on other series and will eventually back to work on volume 16 once I'm done with another volume. Currently my priorities are Shura no Toki Volume 9 (which I'm currently working on the script right now) and War on Geminar. I'll be doing Kaiouki volume 9 once I'm done with SnT, so I'll probably back doing TCL after that.

On Ake no Tobari side: we are introduced to another antagonist, Rikugou. Like Tobari (to some extent), he's what you would call a battle junkie. He lives in Konton just to satisfy his hunger for battle. His black hole power (which up to now I call "Erosion") basically eats anything it touches and absorbed into him. So what is that sort for guy wants with Tobari? Maybe he has something to do with that premonition Reimei's teacher has about the incoming darkness?

On T-Sensei, a.k.a. the reason why I didn't upload any Tobari chapter the past month: this volume is about parting and separation. The graduation season is coming and T-Sensei will have to say goodbye to his kids. But hilarity and shenanigans still ensue. So expect a roller coaster this coming chapters. 

So that's the (not so) final update of the year. Here's to hoping 2019 to be a happy and eventful year.

Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 15 Chapter 73:

Ake no Tobari Chapter 138:

T-Sensei Volume 4 Chapter 19:

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