Shura no Toki Vol. 9 Ch. 2

Nanaten here wishing a happy American Thanksgiving and any other holidays that happened this week. This year I am thankful to all of my friends and you readers for sticking with me through most of my projects. Your enthusiasm (and lack of disapproval) is a driving force for me. So thank you.

Also thank you for tuning in on my stream this week. I am thinking of making it a weekly thing. So tune in for my stream every Tuesday 20:30 PST/Wednesday 12:30 WITA on my Youtube Channel if you want to see me playing video games or just hangout.

This week we have a special release of Shura no Toki. Why special? Because it is released along with this week's video:

So I have decided to do an abridged series of Shura no Toki anime. I am currently in the process of writing the pilot episode. As for the moment I am still considering whether I should do an audition for the roles or not. If you are interested in the project, please let me know in the comments. (In case you did not understand the joke in this video: all characters that set to appear in the supposedly second season died in that fire. This series is going to be a terrible one, isn't it? Oh God, help us.)

So here's this month's release of Shura no Toki. Next week: another monthly series because I forgot to send the script to Mayu.

Shura no Toki Volume 9 Chapter 2:

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