War on Geminar Vol. 2 Ch. 9

Nanaten here. My Dice costume is stuck on development limbo, so It will probably be postponed until next year. Same thing goes to most of the projects I'm currently working on. This just isn't my week.

On the brighter news: I swapped my scanlation keyboard with the keyboard I used on my (brother's) gaming computer. The typing is much more smoother and faster. Now if I can do something about my typos, that will be great.

There is no video of the week. But, you can check on this week's livestream over at my channel. Click on the link to watch it.

About this chapter: this is where the manga differs to the original series. So Babalun is at the academy earlier compared to the original anime and apparently, Doll is running around the campus now. So where does that leave for Mexiah?

So here is this week's (so little) update. T&T is still on a break next week, therefore it will be another series.

Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar Volume 2 Chapter 9:
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