Ake no Tobari Ch. 134 & T-Sensei Vol. 3 Ch. 16

Nanaten here. Before I start with this post, I just want to express my sympathy for the victims of the Tsunami in Palu. I pray for their safety and relief during this event of disaster. If you wish to donate for the victims, one of my friends is gathering relief funds over there. Just send your donation to Andi Alif on his BNI account 0634507431 (Indonesian Bank).

Moving on, this week's video: my cover of Dear You from Higurashi series:
Keeping the somber tone, I decided to do a cover of this song. This was recorded back in July along with some other songs I've been wanting to do. I've planned to sing this live but decided to do it with Poison cover instead, which I didn't end up doing anyway. Speaking of which, thank you for those watching my live performances at Pop Cicle 2018 last week. It was the most successful performance I have ever done. Maybe it has something to do with the time placement. Part of the performance can be watched on my facebook page.

About this chapter: once again, shout-out to Eva and Mayu from Mavi Manga for providing the necessary cleaning and typesetting. Please check out their Turkish translation of both series. I really have fun translating Kokonoe's attacks. I think Tobari should copy her and start naming his attacks as well, just so I have the context of what the attack actually does. But that still doesn't make me forgive Kokonoe for trying to play the victim for the last few chapters. Currently, she's at the bottom of the list of my favorite characters. Village chief was on that list, but he redeemed himself when he gave that advice to Tobari.

The theme for this week's T-Sensei chapter is how kids want to become an adult quickly. That is something I also thought when I was a child. But now, I'm at the moment of my life where I realized nothing good will come if I rush things. It is probably because of fear about how fast time seems to pass for me. I'm already 24 and I finally found something I enjoy doing: a bunch of stuff and to be praised and thanked doing it. While doing one thing is fun, if I doing it too often, I might ended up hating it. Which is why I'm translating these series on a weekly basis, with youtube stuff on the side. I want to keep everything fresh. It might be slow, it might be amateurish, but it's the way I want to do it.

So here are this week's chapters. I'll see you next week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 134:

T-Sensei Volume 3 Chapter 16:

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