Shura no Toki Vol. 9 Ch. 1

Nanaten here. I... err... uhm... huh. I don't have something fun to say as an opener. Weird. I forgot what I was so busy doing this week, other than the new Doctor Who episode. I think I like Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor. Can't say the same about the episode, though. It has many flaws in terms of pacing that almost drove me and my brother away.

This week's video, my cover of Dragon Ball Super opening:
I am so excited to finally share this. I recorded this last month. I was on my DBZA binge high and I asked my friends whether I should cover this or Day of Fate. My friends, who only have seen DBS, obviously picked this song. This is also the first time I tried animation on After Effect. Normally I would do it on Premiere Pro. While it is still only during the first 10 seconds, I am still proud of the animation I did. Also, yes, I noticed that Frieza is missing his halo in this video. It was keyed out unintentionally when I put the chroma key.

About this chapter: I've been meaning to upload this chapter since last month. But with the consecutive release of Ake no Tobari and T-Sensei, I couldn't find the right timing to do this. And I sort of forgot about it. I haven't done manga chapter myself since TCL back in June. So the process was a bit slow. I also forgot to translate the narration on first and last page, so that slows the process even more. Anyway, yeah. Shura no Toki Volume 9 is back on monthly basis. Let's hope I won't forget it next month. Cheers.

So here's Shura no Toki. Next week, back to Tobari and T-Sensei, or as I would like to call it: our weekly dose of TnT!

Shura no Toki Volume 9 Chapter 1:

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