Ake no Tobari Ch. 126

Nanaten here celebrating his birthday! Thank you for your birthday wishes you (will) send me. I got myself a pepper grinder as a present. I also got myself a bunch of manga from an everything must go sell on a used bookstore (more on that later).

This week's videos: Citrus Plays is back! This week I'm playing Monster Prom as promised.
I invited a former classmate from college to play together with me. He's the only one I know who has a youtube channel, speaks English, and open enough to be playing this game. So please check out our complete playthrough if you have the time.

Recently, I made omelettes for breakfast because my mother came and brought two cartons of eggs the last time she visits.
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American omelette is so fun to make because you can change the fillings to your desire. Meanwhile, I keep failing at making French omelette because the egg keep stucking at my frying pan. I make omelette for every breakfast, my brother told me he was sick of it yesterday.

Other than omelette, I also made cucumber pickles for the first time:
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I made pickles to put on my burger, just in case Bubble Bash walks in and eat my burgers. The pickles was too sour because the brine only consists of vinegar and salt. I forgot to dilute it with water. So I made another batch and it turned out quite well. Then I cut red and green chilis and pickled them as well. I wonder what else I could pickle? Carrots? Hard boiled eggs? Omelettes?

So there's an everything must go sale at a used bookstore in town till the end of this month. They sell them so cheap, I bought like a hundred copies of various mangas for $10. Probably the only time I am able to justify the reckless spending of my patreon money. Thanks, guys.
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Originally,  I was only planned to buy Kawahara Masatoshi manga (Kaiouki, Shura no Mon, and Shura no Toki). I got there on the second day, so people are already filling the store. I almost couldn't find most of these mangas. I managed to find half of Kaiouki volumes. But as I was filling my cart (it's more of a box, actually), the management came over and told me that those were already ordered by someone else, so they took them away from me and I have to find another copies from the pile, which I found and discarded earlier. I was so mad, I decided to grab every Tekken Chinmi volumes I found. I didn't care if I grabbed multiple copies of the same volume. That is how pissed I was at the time. I did put the duplicates back eventually. Fortunately, my friend found me the complete set of Samurai (localized version of Shura no Toki volume 1-10). I was so happy to find them, my friend actually commented that it was the only time he saw me with that smile.

At the end of second day of the sale, lots of books were scattered on the floor, it was hard to find most of the books and customers were pushing each other. The store had to close for the third day so they could clean up and rearrange their stocks. When I came at the fourth day, they raised the price for the book and gave tickets to purchase. It was decent, but they only gave each customer 30 minute to visit, so I couldn't find the rest of the missing volumes. Maybe I'll go back once the event as cooled off.

About this chapter: thanks to Eva from Mavi Manga for the marvelous cleaning and typesetting (I'm seriously running out of adjectives to use). I couldn't make a download link of this chapter for reasons I mentioned above. This chapter has a nice bonding moment between Magatoki and Iwao, and Kokonoe and Tobari. There's a hint at the end of this chapter as to why Kokonoe wants to kill Tobari. Maybe there's more to it than some tradition.

Little bit of notice: besides the download line, I also couldn't translate any chapters this month because for some reason, my internet slows down at night. So no T-Sensei for the rest of the month. But since I now have actual copies of Kawahara Masatoshi mangas, maybe I'll work on those in the meantime. However, I'll be busy preparing for the upcoming events this August. I'll probably be cosplaying as Zhuge Liang from Fate/Grand Order. I am now looking for a place to alter my dad's suit (there goes my money for buying filming equiments).

So that's it for this week. Sorry that I rambling too long. I didn't even mentioned anything about my post-grad blues. I am just so happy because of that complete Samurai set, I guess. I will also do a livestream later today (provided my ISP actually capable of doing it). So tune in for that.

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