Ake no Tobari Ch. 125 & T-Sensei Vol 2. Ch. 11-12

Nanaten here. My birthday is coming up and I'll be twenty four next week. I always have this urgent feeling that I have to accomplish everything before I graduate college. And now I have this post-grad blues about what my future would be like. I'll save this sappy stuff when my birthday actually comes.

Time for this week's videos. This week we have two: one is our team's entry for GOB Act 1:
We are very proud with the final product. Everyone involved worked really hard on this. They're all nice people. When we reveal the cast member in Act 3, be sure to check them out.

Second video is my cover of Airhead by Picon featuring Hatsune Miku:
Unfortunately my voice can't get high enough on the chorus part. But I'm satisfied with the mix result.

There's a campaign on Comico right now to help the victims of recent Japan flood. If you go to this page, Comico will donate one yen for every likes this post receives until July 30th. Comico authors, including Momo Chidori, sent messages for the victims on the site.

Momo Chidori said: Condolences from the bottom of my heart to those afflicted because of the flood. Please take care of yourselves, both your body and soul. I wish for you a fast recovery. I will do my utmost to lend you strength. (Not sure about the last line here 微力ながら力になれればと思います).

I read the comments on Kissmanga that people complained about how Ake no Tobari chapters were blurry. The reason for that is that the whole chapter is actually one large jpeg file, so it takes a while to load. Try refresh the page. If the page is still blurry, get out of Kissmanga and go to MangaDex, the good manga reading site. Ever since Kissmanga put that adblock blocker and annoying pop-ups, I only stop there to subscribe on the comments, since Kissmanga already banned my disqus account. Seriously, just go to Mangadex.

About these chapters: shout out to Eva from Mavi manga for the incredible cleaning and typesetting (I'm running out of adjectives to describe how well the work she has done). In one of T-Sensei's chapter there's a gag from japanese comedy troupe called Dachou Club. I actually had to looked them up.

So here are this week's chapter. I'll be seeing you next week.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 125:
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T-Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 11:
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T-Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 12:
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