Citrus Project's Second Scanlation Commission/Fundraiser

Nanaten here! I am in need of cash to buy recording equipment and have some time to kill before new semester starts. Currently I'm opening 10 slots for commissions.

How do I make a commission?

You can contact me on the facebook page:
message me via twitter: @citrus_nanaten
or good ol' email: or
or just comment below

What can I commission?

Same as last time, this is more like a fundraiser kind of thing instead of usual scanlation commission, so it's going to be limited to chapters of series I'm working on currently, including those that are on hiatus/dropped. I only open 10 commision slots. That's 10 chapters of whatever series that I'm working on. For more details of that the series are, click here.

How much per chapter?

Depends on the series:
  1. Webmanga (Ake no Tobari): $5 USD
  2. Manga that's around 20-30 pages long (CnR, InS, SnM, WoG, Samurai Sensei, Paradise, AshiAo): $8 USD
  3. Manga that's around 50-60 pages long (Kaiouki, SnT, SnM2): $10 USD
  4. Manga that has more than 80 pages long (SnT Showa Arc, Ryuusui no Tsubasa):  $12 USD
  5. An entire volume: $30 USD (entire volume will take up 3 commission slots)

How long will it take to do a chapter?

Around 3 days to a week, depending on what series. It will not count towards the weekly release.

Can I commission a different series that you're not working on?

I'm opening a slot for SnM2 (Shura no Mon: Dai ni Mon), RnT (Ryuusui no Tsubasa). I did say last time that i'll be opening slot for other series, provided that the raws are available online and it has furigana. Oh, and also No +18 stuff.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments below.