Ake no Tobari Ch. 123 & Tekken Chinmi Legends Vol.15 Ch. 69

Nanaten here! I came back one week earlier than scheduled because I have to get back to recording my lines and recording equipment I brought with me didn't work well. But now that I'm back here earlier, I decided to spend the rest of my break gaining funds for equipment again.

That's right folks! Citrus Project's Scanlation Commission/Fundraiser is back!!! (insert mediocre cheer) The rules will be the same as the last one with a some additions. I now accept commission for a full volume for $30 with one volume taking 3 commission slots. I will be making another post for this later.

Random stuff: recently I was obsessed with making mini cheeseburgers.
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I bought mini patties, buns, tomatoes, and cheese slices but I was too lazy to get lettuce. I was so obsessed with making what I would like to call "The Ultimate (Cheap) Mini Double Cheeze Bahgaah", I've been eating them every meal ever since I got back. It was until the time of writing this I ran out of buns to grill and started to get sick of it.

And back to our favorite segment (probably): Nanaten's Latest Cover. This week, I recorded something as an audition for Japanese karaoke contest in Jakarta:

It's a song by Hamada Bamyu Bamyu (parody of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu played by Hamada from Gaki no Tsukai). I crossdressed at the end of the video as a homage to the original MV. I didn't have a pink wig so I couldn't go Full Kawaii. Instead it feels like I'm just singing in a drag. Hopefully, I got the audition.

About this Ake no Tobari chapter: over here we have Reimei centered chapter (props to Eva from Mavi manga for the amazing typesetting, as always). Reimei's barrier had been called strange by the casts since couple of tens chapters ago. This chapter answers one of the question as to why: Reimei's teacher died before he completed his training (Is it safe to assume Magatoki is to blame?). But this chapter present one more question as to why Reimei is capable of casting barrier arts at young age while his father died while on training ground. Right now, Reimei is walking towards that same training ground. I was so excited when I read this arc. Also Reimei's teacher is always welcomed.

Oh, I almost forgot that I also have Tekken Chinmi Legends this week. I was able to sneak this in the releases before I went home because it's a very short chapter with bigger fight-scene-to-dialog ratio.

So here are Reimei and Chinmi chapters for you to enjoy. Ake no Tobari will take another break next week, but I still have a couple of T-Sensei chapters waiting.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 123:
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Tekken Chinmi Legends Volume 15 Chapter 69: 
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