T-Sensei Vol. 2 Chapter 9-10

Nanaten here! So instead of doing any translation this week, I spent mine browsing for Monster Prom fanarts. I just got into the fandom recently. I had a blast playing the game (pirated oc) with a friend. I'm thinking of actually purchasing the game next month (Oz is mah bae).

The commission/fundraiser slots are still open, for anyone who wants more releases.

And for this week's cover: my team's entry for Love Scenario Chorus Battle:

About these chapters: These are the last chapters I uploaded before I went homecoming a few weeks ago. There's a joke about breath and happiness goes away at chapter 9. The correct Japanese saying is actually "Everytime you sigh, your happiness escapes.". There's also a textbox I forgot to type (entirely my fault). The ??? part actually says "When she was five" (I forgot to type the previous textbox on the script and the placements were shifted). I'll try to fix them before I upload on Mangadex.

So here're T-Sensei chapters. Next week will be Ake no Tobari.Now if you excuse me, I'm going to indulge myself in Oz x Damien fanfics (Oh dear, what have I become?).

T-Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 9:
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T-Sensei Volume 2 Chapter 10:
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