Ake no Tobari Ch. 122

Nanaten here. I am currently watching Ouran Highschool Host club anime. After more than a decade, the series still holds up. If you haven't watched it, I recommend you to do so.

I'll be going back to my hometown for a couple of weeks, but don't worry. I already have some chapters prepared, so I'm good at that end. A series will make a return after a-couple-of-year hiatus. Look forward to that next week.

I said last week that I'd be recording a couple of tracks. Unfortunately, I burned myself out translating chapters before my departure on Monday.

About this chapter: Back in chapter 72, I mistranslated Magatoki's line about how he searched for Tobari. Back then I wrote "I've been going around growing plants and chaos looking for you." when the actual line is actually "I've searched every corner of Yachikusa and Konton looking for you". GT translated Yachikusa and Konton literally by Kanji. I never thought they were actually referring to the places until I translated this chapter. I should really fix that. Maybe when I return.

Next week, Ake no Tobari will be taking a break. But I'll release three chapters from different series.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 122:
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