Ake no Tobari Ch. 121

Nanaten here. Currently I'm reading Gate's LN over at skythewood translation's blog. Then I realized that I still have two transcript final assignments and I have to take my sister to the airport today.

No new video this week. Not that anyone anyone anticipate it, I assume. I've been recording my lines for Grand Opere Chorus Battle and Love Scenario Chorus Battle. And next week, I'll be recording a bunch of songs, so look out for that.

About this chapter: when Mayu (from Mavi Manga, great job as always) sent me the typeset version of this chapter, she mentioned that there were some blank text I forgot to fill when I sent the script and there's a part that is still in Turkish. While I did fill the missing parts later, I didn't fix the Turkish text because I find it to be hilarious. Okay? It''s because it is hilarious I decided to keep it. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT because I forgot to change it. Got it?

Translation note: I looked up the term "Kagome" on Wikitionary. Reimei refers the cage ball encapsuling Tobari's core as one. The word actually refers to the lattice pattern of the ball. This lattice pattern has always present in barrier arts Reimei used. This will be an important point in this mini-arc.

So here's Reimei and Tobari's arrival at Shinonome. Next week: Reimei's Master returns.

Ake no Tobari Chapter 121:
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